What to expect in the final stages of lung cancer

In the final stage, the lung cancer cells spread to both the lungs and sometimes in the vital organs like kidney, brain, bones liver etc. As per the situation of cancer and the extent to which it has already affected the body. Different things can be observed like breathing problem which can be due to fluid in the lungs. The patient may experience comma.

What are the symptoms of lung cancer

The symptoms can be • A persistent cough or wheezing • Recurring bronchitis or pneumonia • Pain or weakness in a shoulder or arm • Weight loss • Chest pain • Shortness of breath • Constant fatigue • Loss of appetite • Coughing up blood • Hoarseness • Swelling of the neck and face • Streaks of blood in the sputum • A sharp decrease in blood sodium level

What is the cause of lung cancer

Of all the causes of lung cancer 90% of the times smoking is the main reason. Apart from that passive smoking, pollution, radon gas etc can be a cause of lung cancer. Excessive exposure to asbestos is also known to cause lung cancer.

How does lung cancer start

It depends upon different reasons like recently it has been proven that lungs cancer can be inherited. Apart from this it is a major consequence of smoking. Secondly it can be caused due to passive smoking.

What are the effects of lung cancer

There is greater chance of the lung cancer spreading in the adjoining/adjacent body organs like liver, adrenal glands, spine, etc. when it reaches the vertebral column, the severity of pain increases. In case the brain is affected, the blurry vision, weakness, fatigue and seizures may also be experienced by the patient.

Does president barack obama have lung cancer

It was never confirmed by any authentic source that Obama had lung cancer. However, he does smoke quite excessively. Also, he is known to have lost considerable weight and some dormant health problems. His condition is not widely known, which causes people to base rumors and speculations.

Is lung cancer hereditary

Researchers found that those subjects who had a history of having a first-degree relative with lung cancer had a nearly twofold the risk of developing lung cancer. The association was also stronger in women than in men

How to prevent lung cancer

As far as prevention is concerned the main reason for lungs cancer must be avoided i.e. Smoking. As soon as a person quits smoking the infected cells start to heal up. And if smoking is never started, that is the best way to prevent lung cancer. Apart from that, consuming diet high in vegetables and fruits can also thwart lungs cancer.

What is the definition of lung cancer

Lung cancer is a disease of uncontrolled cell growth in tissues of the lung which may lead to invasion of adjacent tissue and infiltration beyond the lungs. Due to mutations, the cell divide at an exponentially increased rate, hence forming a malignant tumor.

What are treatments for lung cancer

Chemotherapy or a combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy is the most common treatments for small cell lung cancer. Surgery is usually the treatment of lung cancers that are localized (i.e., have not spread). Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are often used because the disease has spread by the time it is diagnosed. Some researchers are developing biological therapy for lung cancer

Is there a cure for lung cancer

The lung cancer is curable when detected at an earlier stage of the disease. The specialized doctor may recommend a combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Others may suggest surgical removal of the tumor, if it is localized.

How do people die from lung cancer

It really depends upon the stage of lungs cancer and the extent to which it has affected other areas of body. Mostly people suffer from breathing problem and they are highly dosed to avoid pain. They may land in comma and die while asleep. Fluids are repeatedly accumulated in the lungs which cause pain and breathing problem and consequently patients are put on ventilators. At times they are tied up also to, so that they do not remove apparatus.

Obama has lung cancer

It was reported by an unauthorized source, but it is confirmed that President Obama did smoke a lot and also lost weight but it was never confirmed that he had lungs cancer. And he is also trying to quit smoking.